August 21, 2018


Marketing Shouts is the ideal platform for agencies to create a new revenue stream by providing their clients with their own affiliate program.

There are no joining, set-up or monthly fees to join our affiliate network and adding your clients, there is simply just a commission for every successful sale that is referred through Marketing Shouts.

How it works

Register your clients as a Merchant, we will then send you the appropriate tracking code to add to their website (we will send instruction on how to do this).

We will then test the tracking code is working, once all is confirmed you can add your clients banners, social media posts, discounts and other assets for our affiliates share.

We track any clicks and sales that our affiliates make, you will have full visibility of this within your clients Merchant dashboard, you will also receive regular email reports on these statistics.

Once a sale has been made, you can log in to your clients dashboard and approve these sales.

We will then invoice you each month for the commission due based on the sales made.

You can send us any news or promotions for us to include in our affiliate newsletter, we will also help with guidance and strategy to gain the most from your clients affiliates program.


There are no joining, set-up or monthly fees to join our affiliate network.

We simply ask for 10% of each successful sale referred as a fee payable to Marketing Shouts.

Also there is the percentage which you would like to pay the affiliate for referring the sales.

For example if your affiliates reward is 10% for each successful sale refered, then there will be a total charge of 20% per sale (which includes 10% fee for using the Marketing Shouts platform).

Our affiliate network is the ideal way to offer you clients a new service and there are many ways you can further monetise our solution which we will out line below.

Tiered Pricing Model

Our Agency offering works on a tired pricing model. Again there are no set-up, joining or monthly fees and the percentage per sale commission you pay Marketing Shouts reduces the more clients you manage, so it’s a great way to scale your agency and make more revenue.

Manage 1 – 10 Clients: 10% fee per sale

Manage 11 – 20 Clients: 9% fee per sale

Manage 21 – 30 Clients: 7% fee per sale

Manage 31+ Clients 6% fee per sale.

(Please not there will also be the % commission fee which you specify to pay the affiliate for each successful sale they refer).

Earn by Recruiting New Affiliates

Not only can you add your own margins by managing your clients affiliate program, you can also earn by recruiting new affiliates to join Marketing Shouts. As an agency you can use your own affiliate referral link which if an affiliate registers for Marketing Shouts you will receive 3% commission for every sale that affiliate makes, regardless of which merchant they make a sale for.

This is the ideal way to make a substantial new revenue stream, as well as helping promote your clients affiliate program.

How to Monetise Marketing Shouts for your Agency

There are a wide range of ways that you as an agency can monetise the use of our affiliate network.

We charge no set-up fees, however we provide you with the appropriate tracking codes in which you can charge your clients a fee to install and test this for them.

You can also offer your clients, creative and design services to make their affiliate banners, posts and assets which you can charge a fee for.

Another great way to monetise our affiliate network is to charge your clients for recruiting affiliates to promote your clients products or services. You agency could reach out to influencers and create further marketing campaigns with them where they can use the Marketing Shouts affiliate tracking codes to track sales they refer, within the campaigns you create.

All of the above can be a great way to introduce a new revenue stream into your agency by utilising our affiliate network Also feel free to add your own margin on top of the percentage fees we charge for successful sales.

We will invoice you as an agency directly so it is up to your discretion on the additional fees you charge your clients.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. You can create your clients affiliate program straight away by registering for a Merchant account.