October 12, 2017

Merchants: Affiliate Network

Benefits for Merchants

Marketing Shouts is changing the landscape of affiliate marketing, why pay thousands of pounds per year to become a merchant on an affiliate network or paying for your own affiliate software, not to mention the time consuming task of recruiting affiliates and keeping the affiliates motivated to promote your products or services.

It’s free to join Marketing Shouts as a merchant or affiliate, this gives your business no cost barrier to entry to join the highly effective world of affiliate marketing.

We build the network of motivated affiliates tailored to your industry, we take care of paying the affiliates, you as a merchant just pay a percentage of each successful sale they generate for you, it’s a win-win situation.

Affiliate Promotion

Our affiliates take care of promoting your business, giving you the freedom to concentrate on building your business.

Merchant’s can even recruit your own affiliates if you choose with your own private link to invite your loyal customers or potential affiliates to join your program

Become a Merchant

It’s super quick and easy (and again free) to join Marketing Shouts as a merchant and have our network of affiliates promote your business:

1.) Register as a Merchant free

2.) Add the Marketing Shouts tracking code to your website

3.) Upload your own promotional banners, social media posts, documents and a whole range of other material for our affiliates to share

4.) As a Merchant you will have full access to realtime analytics on referrals and sales within the Marketing Shouts dashboard. The Marketing Shouts solution has a full SSL Certificate, ensuring all of your data is safe and secure

5.) You only pay a percentage of each successful sale which our affiliates generate in which we will invoice you each month, so it is great for your business’ cash flow

6.) Supercharge your website’s SEO as our community of affiliates will actively promote your business and link to your website

7.) We deal directly with and pay the affiliates, freeing you up to run your business whilst Marketing Shouts and our affiliates takes care of the promotion